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Character Stats

Character stats are a representation of a character's physical and mental aptitude. Stats can be raised by leveling up, spell effects, using items, and equipping items.

Certain stats are more useful to certain classes. For example, a spell caster will need more mana to cast spells while mana will do nothing for a warrior. It is important to keep this in mind when using items to increase your stats.

Hit Points (HP)
Hit Points represent how much damage a character can take before death. When HP drop to zero, the character dies and must be revived before they can function again. HP can be restored by using items, spell effects, and resting at an Inn. Vitality helps to increase your total HP.

Mana Points (MP)
All spells require a certain amount of MP to cast. Higher MP means you can cast more spells more often. MP can be restored by using items, spell effects, and resting at an Inn. Spirit helps to increase your total MP.

Damage (DMG)
This number represents your base damage per attack and is raised by equipping weapons, increasing strength, and some spell effects.

Defense (DEF)
This number represents your overall defense and is raised by equipping armor and some spell effects.

Increases maximum HP and is used by all classes, but can be especially useful for Warriors and Templars.

Increases maximum Mana and is used by Sorcerers, Clerics, and Templars.

Increases the amount of melee damage per attack and slightly increases your melee critical hit chance, your chance to block, and your chance not be blocked. This is used by all melee classes but Juggernauts gain this the fastest.

Increases the number of attacks per turn and slightly increases your chance to dodge and chance to attack first in battle. Higher speed also helps when fleeing battle. This is used by all melee classes but Thieves gain this the fastest.

Increases the effectiveness and power of spells. Also increases critial hit chance for spells and melee when the focus comes from an item equipped in the accessory slot. This can be useful for all classes but is especially useful for Sorcerers, Clerics, and Templars.